Privacy Statement

The Oxygen website, owned by Nedac Sorbo Mascot, can be used to process privacy-sensitive information, otherwise known as personal data. Nedac Sorbo Mascot takes great priority in proper and careful handling of personal data. This private information is therefore always carefully processed and secured. Our handling process is compliant to the demands of privacy legislation. Amongst other things, this means that:
• We always clearly mention the purposes of our handling of personal data. We do so by means of this privacy and cookie statement;
• We limit the collection of personal data to only the information relevant to our legitimate objectives;
• We explicitly ask permission to process your personal data when such consent is required;
• We take appropriate security measures in order to protect your data, and demand that parties who process your personal data at our behest, take the same measures;
• We respect your rights to request access, to correct and to remove your personal data.

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is the responsible party for processing the information. In this privacy and cookies statement, we explain the purposes for our collecting and using personal data and for what means. We advise that you carefully read through this privacy statement. This document was last altered on 19-07-2018.

Uses of personal data
When visiting our website, making an account, placing an order in our online store or signing up for our newsletter, you leave behind some personal information. It is also possible that you provided such information over the phone, through a filled in form at a fair or via a questionnaire on Facebook.
The following data can be used:
• Name
• Email address
• IP address

We use said information for the following purposes:
• Offering of the Oxygen website;
• Answering your message via our contact form;
• Performing customer research;
• Offering of other relevant products by Nedac Sorbo Mascot;
• Customer relations, be it by mail, by email or by phone;
• Fulfilling all legal obligations.

Contact form
We offer you a contact form, which can be used to submit questions about our products. Here you can fill in your name, email address and telephone number. Besides that, your query might include some personal data. We use this information solely to answer your questions or to resolve your problem.

Third party disclosure
We can disclose your data to the following external parties (this is necessary in order for us to provide goods and services, and to make sure the website is better in tune to your needs):
• The party that manages the platform on which our online platform is built;
• Manufacturers and statistics programmes (Google).

You can contact us using the information below. When you are not satisfied with the way we handle (a complaint concerning) your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Contact information
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