Hair products

There are many different hair types and styles that require their own brand of care. That’s why you need to know precisely what you’re looking for. Do you want to detangle, straighten or curl your hair, or perhaps give you hair some added shine and volume? We have the right type or comb or brush for any style you want to create. Our hair products are both modern and elegant, and are very suited for long-term use.

Besides the well-known cushion brushes, we also carry brushes suited for detangling thick and long hair, such as the wider flat brush or the remarkable pneumatic brush. Our thermal brush lets the hair dry faster while blow-drying, but for more volume you can also use the tunnel brush. The travel-sized hair brush with mirror is perfect to store in your purse.

Our combs will save you from bad hair days. Detangle wet hair with our jumbo detangling combs or style your hair to the nines with one of our styling comps. Want braids or teased hair? Our pin tail or flipside combs will help you create the look you desire.